Code of Ethics for Local Government

As per the Local Government Management Association

Code of Ethics

Certain ethical principles shall govern the conduct of any member of the Local Government Management Association of British Columbia, who shall:

1.        Maintain the highest ideals of honour and integrity in public and personal relationships and discharge faithfully the duties of office without fear or favour.

2.        Not use confidential information for the personal profit of themselves or others, nor for the purpose of gaining promotion, nor shall he/she misuse public time in the pursuit of such objectives.

3.        Not deal in property directly or indirectly within the municipality he/she serves other than his/her personal residence without first informing the Municipal Council, in writing, in open Council Meeting.

4.        Declare his/her direct or indirect interest in any enterprise, which proposes to transact business with his/her municipality.

5.        Declare his/her interest, direct or indirect, in any property, which is subject to a rezoning proposal or subdivision within his/her municipality.

6.        a) Report to the Senior Administrative Officer any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest of which he/she is aware involving himself/herself or his/her family, or any other officer in the municipality.

            b) As Senior Administrative Officer, report to the Municipal Council any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest of which he/she is aware involving himself/herself or his/her family, or any other municipal officer in the municipality.

7.        Continually strive to improve his/her professional ability and to encourage the development of competence of his/her associates in serving the municipality.

8.        Recognize that the chief function of a municipal officer at all times is service to his/her employer, and to the public.

9.        Carry out his/her duties with impartiality and equality of service to all.

10.     Avoid any situation, which could impair his/her judgment in the performance of his/her duties or give that impression to others.

11.     Not knowingly engage in any unlawful activity.

12.     Not conduct themselves in any way that would detract from the image of integrity or professionalism of the Association.

13.     When he/she becomes aware of reasonable grounds to believe that transgression of the Code of Ethics is taking place on the part of any other member, report the apparent transgression to the Ethics Committee of the Association.

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